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October 12th, 2005  

Topic: Re: The Cannon Report

Sounds like what they did to me when I first joined up.
"Button get me some grid squares!"
"......button what are grid squares?"
"uhhh 1 squared KM on a map Seargent" this is when the cuckling starts
"so how can you grab one?" this is when the outright laughter starts up
"......Don't know Seargent"

Someone did this to a friend of mine when he was just coming in. He without batting an eye and in a very military manner screamed "yes, sergeant" and ran off to Bn supply office. Once there he asked for a map, scissors, and a bag. Supply sgt gave them up and watched him cut the map along each grid line and drop all the squares in the bag. He took the bag back to the SFC that had asked for them and was surmarily deemed "no fun to pick on".
October 13th, 2005  

Topic: helpful hints

When they say get me some...

flight line: get some climbing rope or parachute cord
prop wash: find aircraft cleaning solvent
chem light batteries: there actually are some chem lights that use AA batteries, it extends the life of the light...
October 27th, 2005  

Topic: Poor kid...

One of our Dental SGT's in Korea (during an FTX of course) sent the newbie to the Aid Station's field site to bring back a box of fallopian tubes.

The Medics played along...poor kid was seaching for two hours...
March 13th, 2010  

Topic: Singapore-1942

I read somewhere that the average age of the British Army soldier at the surrender of Singaporre was 32+ years, would that be correct?