Canadian Northern Ranger Enfield Rifle

August 12th, 2014  
Remington 1858

Topic: Canadian Northern Ranger Enfield Rifle

The Canadian Northern Rangers are a volunteer group under the control of Canadian Land Forces. Their missions are (1) Sovereignty Patrol of the Far North, (2) Search and rescue in the Far North, (3) Youth programs in native peoples settlements. The members are mostly native Peoples ( Inuits), although there are some European - Canadian. In many native settlements the youth are at-risk for drug and alcohol abuse and the CNR program is looked upon as a diversion activity to keep the kids straight. The Rangers are provided with Canadian manufactured #4 Enfield rifles manufactured at Longbranch Arsenal, a very fine example of the Lee-Enfield. .303 Ammunition is furnished for training and practice and many of the native people use these rifles for subsistence hunting. These rifles are quite old and parts and ammunition are getting hard to find. Recently, there was a move to replace these rifle with something newer. It was decided that it would be bolt-action, stainless steel and would have a rail for mounting optics. The Rifle selected was the Ruger Scout Rifle in 7.62 NATO caliber that met all the requirements. However, a contract requirement was that Ruger would hand over all patents, proprietary data, tooling and manufacturing rights to a Canadian company. Colt-Canada. Well, Ruger and no one else is going to do such a thing, so the contract was never fulfilled. Look up the Canadian Northern Rangers on Youtube and learn about a very interesting para-military group. [ame=""]What Canadian Rangers need in a new rifle - YouTube[/ame]
July 14th, 2015  
Remington 1858
Finally! The Canadian Northern Rangers will get their new rifle. It is a .308 bolt action designed by Sako/Tikka. Colt Canada has been licensed to make the rifle. They will produce 6500 units for the Rangers. The unit cost is very high because of limited production. the Toronto Globe and Mail has reported that the unit cost will be $4000 CDN.
Seems a bit high for a firearm used to shoot walrus. Even a Texas millionaire might hesitate.
July 15th, 2015  
Wow sounds like a nice rifle more in the spirit of bygone days however.

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