Canadian Engines Power Some Chinese Attack Helos

October 15th, 2007  

Topic: Canadian Engines Power Some Chinese Attack Helos

* I guess they had no idea that China does such things

Canadian Engines Power Some Chinese Attack Helos

TAIPEI — Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) officials say they don’t know how several PT6C-67C helicopter engines they sold to China for civilian aircraft ended up in Z-10 Zhisheng attack helicopters.
A U.S. State Department official said the department is aware of the engine sale and is “taking steps to gather more information.” It is not clear yet whether the sale violated U.S. restrictions on exporting military items to China.
Several trade experts said the sale likely did not. PT6C-67C engines can be used on commercial and military helicopters and are among the most widely used aircraft engines, they said.
If Pratt believed the engines were intended for use on civilian helicopters and “simply shipped the engine identically to how they would have shipped a commercial engine,” there probably was no violation of U.S. export regulations, said Joel Johnson, a senior executive at the Teal Group consulting firm in northern Virginia.
More skeptical observers say the firm knew or could have guessed that the engines were not destined for a 6-ton civilian helicopter.

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