Can a Canadian studen join the U.SMC

March 27th, 2011  

Topic: Can a Canadian studen join the U.SMC

I am a 18 year old black male, been preparing myself phisicly since 16. I live in canada right now and im still attending school. I want to join U.SMC because I want a chalenge in life and I've always wanted to become an Infantry soldier, I think there is no better job for me than that. Im thinking about moving to the U.S alone to join, I have no car and no money but i would bike from canada to the states just to join. Is there a way for me to get a green card throught the millitary?
What should I do?

I wanted to join the CF but I think the Marine Corp is much more difficult and chalenging, that is why i want it so bad.

Im prepared to sign a life time contract with any Miliatry right now, I cant focus in school cause all i think about is joining the army, its all i want. Im planing to become the best infantry soldier that ever lived. Where do I start?

Thx for reading
March 27th, 2011  
You can enlist as a Legal Resident Alien.

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