Calls to escalate Russia sanctions leave EU in a quandary

March 19th, 2014  
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Topic: Calls to escalate Russia sanctions leave EU in a quandary

By Luke Baker BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Mocked by Moscow, the European Union needs to impose far tougher sanctions over Crimea to make President Vladimir Putin sit up and pay attention, but its ability to agree them is limited - and consensus may not be achievable at all. Russia's response to the first phase of EU sanctions - travel bans and asset freezes on 13 Russian and eight Crimeans - has been dismissive. Deputy PM Rogozin took to Twitter to ridicule the EU and the United States, calling their steps weak and meaningless. They wanted harder-hitting sanctions, but EU restrictions have to be agreed unanimously, which means the measures are only as strong as the country with the deepest reservations will allow.


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