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April 26th, 2005  

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whats the hardest and or funnest cadet bootcamp
May 5th, 2005  

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Originally Posted by capandjrotc
whats the hardest and or funnest cadet bootcamp
From our Battalion XO (CDT CPT. Moses) that if you end up in Bravo, you'll have it hard, but I dont know, I myself wouldnt be able to handle so much running...
May 6th, 2005  

Well, it's a great time at least. The first 4 days are like hell; waking up at 5 to early to be up-ish, doing PT til you feel you arms and legs start ache and by the next few days you almost wonder if you could possibly keep going. (but thats for the hardcore cadets who actually finish PT, some cadets wimp out- I'm not naming names, theres too many), being yelled at by some First Sgt who thinks he/she rules the world, and somehow you start to get the feeling that they do rule the world for the time being. The rest of the week starts to taper off and life is almost "normal". And for those who actually did all the work, life is great, the bed could bounce a quarter a foot, and it's so tight that you have to wiggle to get in bed. Getting out the morning is hard too, but falling out of bed doesn't sound like a fun thing, so you find ways to wiggle out safely.

I would strongly encourage any cadet to get a position in flight as the guide, or an element leader. I was the guide and I was 3rd in charge, so life for me was tougher because the flight sgt wanted me to know everything, but it was so much more challenging. AND, I got a really cool part in the parade after- receiving the flight awards from the wing commander.

Gosh, there I go again ranting on again....
May 6th, 2005  
I think the Canadian Cadet Movement needs things like bootcamps and such. All the cadets in the RCACC (or most of them i should say) are pansies and lack dicipline. We need something like bootcamp to separate the boys from the men if ya know what i mean.
June 25th, 2005  

Topic: encampment

Encampment is hard and fun.

First couple of days are hell you wonder what you are doing there, and why you would ever put yourself through what your are doing. U are sleep deprived from long nights and early morning calls, especially the CQ shifts omg!! you start off with PT, then you sit through these classes all day, Stay up most of the night getting ready for the next day.

But once you get to like the 5th day, you realise that the people you have been with have developed to be like a second family. you unity, trust,friendship that is unbreakable. It may sound stupid, but i'm still in contact with people from encampment 3 years ago. Its a wonderful, challenging experience that I recommend any cadet who truly wants an experience of a lifetime.