Cadences for Iraq!

Cadences for Iraq!
September 21st, 2004  

Topic: Cadences for Iraq!

Cadences for Iraq!
I hate Iraq,
i'm never comin back!
it's too da** hot
like we're baking in a pot!
it's hotter than he**
the people always smell!
there's too much sand,
in this f****ing land!
it's hard to find stuff to drink,
the people always stink!
can't believe i ever signed up
they're trying to kill my sorry butt!

Living in sandbox far from home,
people have bombs for garden gnomes!
Life in this sandbox really sucks
they shoot us like we're big fat ducks!
Life in this sandbox anit for me,
screw being all I can be!
Livin' in the sandbox here the CO preach,
listen to him go, he's a son of a BEACH!

Man i really need to pay attention in college algerbra, i think i have waaaay to much time on my hands!
January 2nd, 2008  
that`s good one
thank you
May 28th, 2008  
looks like you're in Kuwait (duh...). Just joined International Military site. Wanted to let you know I enjoyed your post. I'm in Wisconsin. ( that second cadence about troop frustration or just the pervading opinion toward the war in Iraq ...or Kuwait or Afghan, ( pick one)

Cadences for Iraq!
May 28th, 2008  
glad you did and there is no war in kuwait now !!
hahaa the troops just pass by or stay in camps till they get to Iraq.
you're welcome in the forum hope you enjoy your time here