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Bush WON!
November 4th, 2004  
Bush WON!
Originally Posted by Lupos
I do feel bad for all the people that voted for Kerry, they were really upset. It seems they thought it was the end of the world. I do think that in the end they will just wake up one morning and the world will still be here. In the end we have all one except for the terrorist who are about to die, the losers of the day!
This is one of the things in US politics that is annoying. Emotions and expectations run high and people forget that no matter who wins, America will be okay and the world will survive.

In one case, a bunch of ultra-liberal people I know went on and on about how they would leave the country and move to Canada if Bush won. All I can say to that sort of attitude is, "Don't let the door smack you in the ass on the way out." If their level of love for their country runs THAT thin, we don't need them. Same goes for sore losers on in both parties as far as I'm concerned. I can understand being disappointed by not seeing your candidate winning, but that's life in a representative democracy.

I think that in 2008 it could come down to these candidates.

Democrats: Hillary Clinton (Hillary in the House), Barrock Obama (His star is rising), or John Edwards (By that time he will be out of diapers and possibly ready to take on...)
I'm not sure if Hillary is a very good idea. She has substantial work to do on her image with both Democrats and Republicans. Right now, she is seen as 1.) an ultra-liberal, 2.) a woman who got away with committing a significant white collar crime in the whole Whitewater business, and 3.) most importantly she is seen as a woman who sacrificed her self-respect and dignity for political gain -- I'm talking about her sticking with Bill. He cheated on her more than once and he will probably continue to do so. Politically, its a no-win situation. Stick with Bill and you damage yourself, divorce Bill and you damage yourself. Additionally, the nation would rather go without a reason to remember the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Republicans: John McKain (Always a possibility), Rudy Gulliane (He has made quite a name for himself), Arnold Schwarzzenager (The Presinator), oh and there is always... hmm, let me see... Jeb Bush (Remember, he is the smarter one).
The fate of Arnold is mostly in his own hands at this stage. He could go the way of Jesse Ventura in Minnesota or he could go the way of Ronald Reagan. Those actors who do not endorse extreme views and have a good grasp of politics are extremely well suited to American politics. Still, the American People are very unlikely to amend the Constitution of the United States just to accomodate him as a candidate for President.
November 4th, 2004  
I don't think Giuliani could ever go through the Republican primaries. Although he established himself during 9/11, he's got plenty of baggage in the past and the party religious right might never accept him. McCain however is an interesting choice and he could actually be the first candidate in a long while who has major cross-party appeal.

Aah Hillary. I also doubt if she could ever win the democratic primaries. Most likely the party will pick a centrist candidate like John Edwards or New Mexico governor Bill Richardson.
November 5th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Dameon
A Smart Bush
Bush WON!
November 5th, 2004  
I have purchased the american flag to every family member and friend after that President George W Bush won this election. We will show our support with the american people for this next four years. We will do this because sweden is nothing else then a banana republic anyway, and I am glad for the american people, one people is a strong people. I hope that all sides can move on now and make this world a little bit safer then this banana republic of european union possible can do without a strong leader in the White House.

Congratulations America!


November 5th, 2004  
Originally Posted by cbbr08
Im glad that Bush won... Kerry did get my respect with his last speech and for not challenging the vote counts
Why chalange something you know you did not win? it wasn't just Ohio, he knew he had no chance
November 5th, 2004  
Italian Guy

Topic: Kerry: I can't believe I'm losing to this idiot.

He must be believing now 8)

Press Release Source: Newsweek

Thursday November 4, 2:37 pm ET
Kerry Laments: 'I Can't Believe I'm Losing to This Idiot'
Carville Leads Clintonistas' Coups, Implores Cahill to Step Aside or He'll 'Tell The Truth' About Campaign Woes On NBC's 'Meet The Press'
Daughter Alexandra Pleads to Kerry After Locking in Nomination: 'Will You Please Appreciate This Moment for 10 Seconds?'

NEW YORK, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- When President Bush's poll numbers surged in April after a press conference where his performance was derided by the press and the chattering classes, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry was baffled, writes Newsweek Assistant Managing Editor Evan Thomas in an exclusive report in Newsweek's special election issue. "He said with a sigh to one top staffer, 'I can't believe I'm losing to this idiot.'"
(Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20041104/NYTH186 )
November 5th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
it seems that a few high school students have a problem with the election

Students at Colo. High School Protest Bush

BOULDER, Colo. - About 85 high school students upset about the nation's direction were camping out in the school library, demanding an audience with Republican leaders. Students began their protest Thursday and school officials said they could stay through Friday when representatives of their Democratic congressman, U.S. Rep. Mark Udall and U.S. Senator-elect Ken Salazar, were expected to visit. The students said they also wanted to meet with thier superintendent's representatives along with Republicans Gov. Bill Owens and U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave Some of the students left telephone messages with Republican leaders. "We want them to reassure us that our fears are misguided and that the government is doing everything in its power to prevent our futures from being destroyed," said senior Brian Martens, who wore a hand-lettered T-shirt which said he was the "senior executive of the subcommittee on protesting stuff." Students said they are not protesting the election, but are worried about the national debt, military recruitment in schools and the environment.
November 7th, 2004  
EVERY one of my friends wanted to Kerry to win the election. They're all mad at me, because I'm the only one who rooted for bush. It's kinda cool to not be on the band wagon, but be on the winning team at the same time.
November 8th, 2004  
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November 12th, 2004  
Italian Guy

Topic: 'Redneck vote' is a liberal myth

'Redneck vote' is a liberal myth

By Charles Krauthammer.

In 1994, when the Gingrich revolution swept Republicans into power, ending 40 years of Democratic hegemony, the mainstream press needed to account for this inversion of the Perfect Order of Things. A myth was born. Explained a USA Today headline: "Angry White Men: Their votes turned the tide for the GOP." Overnight, the revolt of the Angry White Male became conventional wisdom.
At the time, I looked into this story line and found not a scintilla of evidence to support it. Nonetheless, it was a necessary invention, a way for the liberal elite to delegitimize a conservative victory.

Ten years and another Democratic defeat later, and liberals are at it again. The Angry White Male has been transmuted into the Bigoted Christian Redneck.

In the postelection analyses, the liberal elite just about lost its mind denouncing the return of medieval primitivism. Maureen Dowd of The New York Times achieved the highest level of hysteria, cursing the GOP for pandering to "isolationism, nativism, chauvinism, puritanism and religious fanaticism" in its unfailing drive to "summon our nasty devils."

Whence comes this fable? With President Bush increasing his share of the vote among Hispanics, Jews, women (especially married women), Catholics, seniors and even African-Americans, on what does this victory-of-the-homophobic-evangelical rest? Its origins lie in a single question in the Election Day exit poll. The urban myth grew around the fact that "moral values" ranked highest in the answer to Question J: "Which ONE issue mattered most in deciding how you voted for President?"

It is a thin reed upon which to base a general theory of the '04 election. The way the question was set up, moral values was sure to be ranked disproportionately high. Why? Because it was a multiple-choice question and moral values cover a group of issues, while all the other choices were individual issues. Chop up the alternatives finely enough, and moral values is sure to get a bare plurality over the others.

Look at the choices: education 4%, taxes 5%, health care 8%, Iraq 15%, terrorism 19%, economy and jobs, 20%, moral values 22%. "Moral values" encompasses abortion, gay marriage, Hollywood's influence, the general coarsening of the culture and, for some, the morality of pre-emptive war.

The way to logically pit this class of issues against the others would be to pit it against other classes: "war issues" or "foreign policy issues" and "economic issues."

If you pit group against group, moral values comes in dead last: war issues at 34%, economic issues at 33% and moral values at 22%.

And we know that this is the real ranking. After all, the exit poll is just a single poll. We had dozens of polls in the runup to the election that showed that the chief concerns were the war on terror, the war in Iraq and the economy.

Ah, yes. But the fallback is then to attribute Bush's victory to the gay marriage referendums that pushed Bush over the top, particularly in Ohio. This is more nonsense. Bush increased his vote in 2004 over 2000 by an average of 3.1% nationwide. In Ohio, the increase was 1% - less than a third of the national average. In the 11 states in which the gay marriage referendums were held, Bush increased his vote by less than he did in the 39 states that did not have the referendum. The great anti-gay surge was pure fiction.

This does not deter the myth of the Bigoted Christian Redneck from dominating the thinking of liberals and from infecting the blue-state media. So once again they angrily claim the moral high ground, while standing in the ruins of yet another humiliating electoral defeat.

Originally published on November 12, 2004