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Bush: Mission Confusing
September 3rd, 2004  
Bush: Mission Confusing
Originally Posted by Redneck
Time, you are gone.
Yes I know this is not the place for me to be pouting about my personal problems so I stop as of now.

I still don't like the man, and find him very confusing at the best of times.
September 3rd, 2004  
Originally Posted by Time
Thankyou, his mission is really messed up.

I hate the man he's sent two of my best friends to war and they have died because of it.

I wish that he goes to h**l.

JFK will bring us out of it.
I am very very sorry for your loss. Do you think your friends were really that mad at President Bush for them serving their country? People join the military, and they may join at a time of "peace", or they may happen to join during a full fledged war. People tend to be killed in war, and unfortunately, its become something that goes along with it. If we could have war, and solve problems without fighting, that would be wonderful, but we are just human. So are Kerry and Bush.

My cousins hubby just returned from Kuwait after one year, not long ago. He said the whole time he was there, he was felt like he wasn't contributing what-so-ever to anything. He would have rather been closer to the front lines, then to have been doing whatever he was doing.

Give people a human chance.
September 9th, 2004  

Topic: I know its hard

I know its difficult losing a friend full stop. Its even harder to lose a friend in war especially if the war being fought is on behalf of someone else not directly linked to your country. I know this may come across as heartless, but your friends joined the military knowing that there was the possibility of them dying on a battlefield somewhere in the world. I have also lost friends in the war and was sorry I couldnt be with them when it happened, their are days when I think I would of gladly stood next to them and taken a bullet at the same time. I would of taken a bullet for these guys, at the same time I`m glad I havent been sent to Iraq because I want to see my son grow up. An option my friends no longer have, one of them left behind 3 cracking kids 2 girls and a boy who are just old enough to know what death is and believe me that was one of the hardest questions I ever faced "why is daddy dead?"
I dont have much love for Tony Blair or George Bush, for their policies or there past, but you do have to admire them slightly they said they would do it and they did its just a shame that so many have died.
I will not say it was a waste of life though because they died trying to bring freedom to an oppressed people and if I did say it was a waste I would be disrespecting their memory

Bush: Mission Confusing