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Bush - Kerry contest
March 27th, 2004  
Bush - Kerry contest
Bush definetely, sadly i cant vote yet. Which is probably a good thing because i am 14, most of the other people in my school are pretty liberal. We should help the poor people. When i told one of them about my plan ( kind of a joke...kinda) to place Marines on the border with M60s that shoot some non lethal pellets or bbs or whatever. And if they see some coyote or whatever.. Illegal go Boom. Or knock out kinda, but they said i was "mean". Which i still dont know why they said that because its the practical thing to do. Maybe not that harsh but.... I think Bush. Im a Christian ( kinda ironic eh ) , and i like Bushes morals, but he made it easier for illegals now, why he do that? And i like that he WAS an alchoholic because he shows self-discipline and self-control. He doesnt out burst, hes nice, hes a Christian. He blasted that bastard Hussein out of Iraq and into custody. I like him, and i think that most of the people on these forums will too. Because usually Right wingers and soldiers tend to stick with the practical side and RIGHT side of things ha ha ha ha i made a pun. The RIght is Right! Ok ill stop but i think that NOONE should support someone who "spent" 4 months in Vietnam, and saved one person. Didnt the person he saved call him an *******? And he calls himself a hero and defender of his country. So he gets the medal for it and comes home and throws IT AWAY and protestes it. How HYPOCRITICAL!