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September 5th, 2005  

Topic: brit nukes

nuclear missiles do not have a self destruct or recall. Once they are fired, they are gone. there are many stages in the arming of the nuke warhead but they are continguint on the missle flying the correct corse, not on ny outside signals. Just think. If there were a self destruct code, how could you be sure that the enemy did not have it via a spy. Fire off a full strike and see them blow up in mid air. bad idea.
Test missles do but not war reserve.
I worked as a small american detachment at RAF Bruggen. The labor government would not allow british nukes outside the UK so they borrowed B-43's from USAF for the Canberra bombers.
Because of an agreement during WW II, the Brits did not have the resources to work on atomic power so they sent all their scientists to the US. But with the proviso that they got all the information too. Hence Klaus fuchs the atomic spy. That is how they got nukes so fast.
September 8th, 2005  
Masterblaster......After the war America decided to go it's own way on Atomic bombs, so Britain set up it's own Atomic Warfare department. We were producing our own Atomic weapons in the late 40's and by the mid 50's we had produced our own Hydrogen bomb which was exploded at the Christmas Islands. After this advent we then rejoined the Americans working on a single programmes for the development of these weapons