Britain's Cameron won big by selling stability over fear

May 9th, 2015  
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Topic: Britain's Cameron won big by selling stability over fear

By Andrew Osborn LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister David Cameron sealed a surprise election win by persuading Britons to choose the security of modestly rising living standards over an implausible pretender many feared could become the puppet of Scottish nationalists. Blending the promise of "the good life" fueled by a strong economic recovery with fear of resurgent Scottish separatists calling the shots in a country they want to break up, Cameron steamrolled the opposition Labour Party and won his party's first outright majority in 23 years. "We've had a positive response to a positive campaign about safeguarding our economy," said Cameron, as if he had always expected to win so emphatically. Before it became clear he had won, some in his center-right Conservative Party feared he had run a dull campaign that failed to shift apparently tied opinion polls.


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