bridging problems

June 15th, 2006  

Topic: bridging problems

im having a few problems bridging my wireless internet connection with my xbox and i have no clue how to fix it...what is happening is that when i add my wireless conection to the bridge it will automaticaly disconnect itself and wont reconnect can somebody help me
June 15th, 2006  
Can you be more specific? I'm having trouble following you.

What I understand...
You have a DSL wireless router (I think you meant a router, bridges are for corporations) when you try to wirelessly connect, it disconnects. (What disconnects? the wireless client?). What exactly is happening? Is it connecting for a few seconds then disconnects, or is it not connecting at all?

First of all what type of router is it, is it namebrand (netgear, linksys, d-link etc...) or did it come with your DSL subscription? Please provide the model if you can. Is this new? has it worked before? etc.

The very first thing I would do (right after finding the make and model) is to go to the manufacteurs site and see if you have the latest version of the firmware. This is very important as many router connection problems are firmware related. Verify your version, upload a new one if need be and try again.

Keep me updated...
June 17th, 2006  
ok yes i do have a wireless router (linksys) and it works on my computer when it is not bridged but whenever i add it to the bridge my computer disconnects itself from the router. I havent tried it before so i dont know if it works or not. I tried to repair the connection but it says that "Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: Connecting to wireless network". like i said it works when it's not bridged but whenever i tell it to bridge it looses its connection hope thats a little bit more helpful
June 23rd, 2006  
ok i got it working now

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