Bootcamp bloopers!

November 29th, 2008  

Topic: Bootcamp bloopers!

After reading the thread about the recruit and the cigarette I remembered a few shall we say, errors by young soldiers...

1)Morning formation...list of emberessing dress errors-
-One of my soldiers buttoned the colar of his uniform shirt to the opposite pocket. He was looking very uncomftable and couldent figure out whats wrong
-Another classic is the guy who wore his dress pants and his combat shrit for morning formation Took me a second to realize what he is doing wrong
2)wrong attention...
In the IDF bootcamp it is demanded that at every formation one of the recruits gives a loud stand-to and recognizes the staff member- I was a First Sgt and that confused the recruites because all other squad leaders were Sgts...I was also regarded very highly by the recruits...So this is what happened if a really "shell-shocked" recruit was giving the attention-
Recruit:"Recieving the Platoon Sgnt the platoon will stand to atte..."
Me: "No, no, no! Do I look like the PLt. Sgnt?! Do I?!"
Recruit(panicking):"Recieving the Platoon commander th..."
Me: "Oh come on. I thank for the fast promotion. Do I have bars on my shoulders?! Come on do it right for once!"
Recruit: "Recieving the Plat.."
Me: "No, THE SQUAD LEADER. Squad leader! quit promoting me Im doing fine on my own. Guess what?"
Recruit: "Drop to push ups, Sir?"

3)Section training:
For some reason young soldiers have a hard time getting it-
Me: "Contact, front, 100 meters"
recruit/section leader: "contact front, charge!"
Me: "Are you going to charge 100 meters under enemy fire?"
recruit:"No Sir?"
Me:"No, your injured- you two- pick him up and carry him back"
They got it finnaly
November 29th, 2008  
A Can of Man
Oh man... my bootcamp bloopers. Couldn't really understand Korean. Made a lot of bloopers.
1) Korean people with shaved heads all looked the same to me. After being pulled away from formation for about a minute, I couldn't tell which my platoon was so I just stood in formation (apparently with the wrong platoon).
2) Was trying to familiarize myself with Korean text by attempting to read some manual... unfortunately did it while I was on duty at the barracks front desk. Some high ranking people walked in, and I had no idea. Drill Instructor was on my ass immediately and told me quietly (because of the high ranking folks), "Hey, pay attention. You got to salute." So I saluted the Drill Instructor. "Not me you idiot!" Woops.
3) Opened a door that led to the rooftop but a broom stick was placed awkwardly so when I opened the door it fell right down the stairwell. Landed barely a meter away from a D.I. "WHO THE F*CK DID THAT?!?!" I ran down and said it was me. Showed him the source of the problem (there was a whole rack of broomsticks ready to fall had I opened the door wider). Didn't get my ass kicked in this instance.

When you go to boot camp, it pays to understand the language first.
November 30th, 2008  
Those are great!
December 1st, 2008  

April 6th, 2009  
Team Infidel
April 6th, 2009  
hope I don't earn any bloopers to add here, but if I do... I'll know where to put them now!
August 5th, 2009  
hope i don't make those mistakes

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