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July 26th, 2010  
He really believes his product... Look how enthousiastic he is...

I giggled when he said that he looked into Halo (a video game where soldiers wear armored suits) to get ideas... I hope it's only design.
July 27th, 2010  
sven hassell
Originally Posted by tomwmil3
they are making a full body armor and when the bullet hit it the things that are in the suit it will squeeze into one spot to stop the bullet and they will go back to they were before and make the suit more flexable. and it is also magnetic so that will help it stop the bullet
whoever told you this is talking crap.magnetism only affects ferrous metals (Iron or steel). as bullets are not made out of lumps of cast iron then magnetic armour could not affect them.Even if you did have steel bullets the field required would be massive. to stop say a 7.62x39 made of Iron travelling at a muzzle velocity of 710m/s then the field required would be in excess of 25,000 gauss to even affect it.An electromagnet in a scrapyard is about 20,000(and thats under an electrical power boost) so to stop a bullet your vest would require static magnets of about 75tons in them.Probably lighter ,smaller and more effective to strap an armoured car to your chest,a sherman tank to your back an a humvee to each armpit. See! they were b******tting about magnetic armour!
December 17th, 2010  
i'd always wondered why dragon skin was banned by the higher ups, i always figured it was a cost issue, and not wanting one soldier to be better equipped than another. for example, you can't wear "toe shoes" like the vibram five fingers during a pt test, because they give an "unfair advantage" to the soldiers wearing them. it always surprises me when the brass has our best interests at heart, rather than handing down arbitrary rules for the sake of killing trees

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