Bloodiest Battle of World War 1

View Poll Results :Which of these battles do you think is the bloodiest during World War 1
Mons 0 0%
The Marne 1 3.45%
First Ypres 0 0%
Second Ypres 1 3.45%
Loos 0 0%
Gallipoli 3 10.34%
Verdun 5 17.24%
The Somme 18 62.07%
Arras 0 0%
Messines Ridge 0 0%
Third Ypres 0 0%
Caporetto 0 0%
Cambrai 0 0%
Meuse-Argonne 1 3.45%
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August 26th, 2004  
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Topic: Bloodiest Battle of World War 1

What do you think is the bloodiest battle in World War 1
August 26th, 2004  
August 26th, 2004  
Once again, we have a poll that has a correct answer. The Somme saw more casualties and a greater loss of human life than any WW1 battle. Verdun was a strong second.

"The total bill for Verdun was between 315,000 and 377,000 French killed or wounded. These were matched by 337,000 Germans. Of the dead, 150,000 were never buried ..."

"At the Somme was suffered a holocaust of misery and dying equal to that of Verfun, and the casualties were even higher: 650,000 Germans, 420,000 Britons and 195,000 Frenchmen."
-- World War I by David Shermer
August 27th, 2004  
Mark Conley
If each soldier at the somme got his traditional burial plot...not counting depth of the plot in the first or second calculation...

6 feet x 2 feet x (650,000 Germans, 420,000 Britons and 195,000 Frenchmen) 1,265,000 or 15,180,000 square feet of earth, if you divide by 43,560 square feet per acre, it comes to about 350 acres of land if you did not include space around each grave.

now if you buried them vertically instead of horizontally.with no what happened with most of the french dead in verdum (they were buried alive by the artillary barrages collapsing their trenches, by the way..they died slightly crouched, standing mostly upright. Most just suffacated. In some places the tips of the bayonets would poke above the ground to mark the spot where they were)

2 feet by 2 feet x 1,265,000 divide by 43,560 sqaure feet to the acre would equal 116 acres.

thats just if you didnt bother to send them home for burial..and you wonder why graves registration has a hard time...

Not to get to terribly off just glad i have my plot reserved, and they wont stack anyone on top of me...
August 27th, 2004  
David Hurlbert
The Battle of the Somme is not only the bloodiest battle in World War I, but it is also documented as the bloodiest battle throughout world history. Letís not forget that more than a million lives were lost (on both sides).
August 27th, 2004  
Yeah, the Somme was the bloodiest ever so long as you remember that several battles of WW2 on the Ostfront would come close. Because the casualties were severely misreported by the Soviets, we may never know if they surpassed the Somme or not. Probably not, but its hard to be certain.
August 29th, 2004  
I am sure that the Soviets lost more men in Stalingrad and Leningrad than died on the Somme, they were lying little commies.
August 30th, 2004  
bush musketeer
Passchendaele (3rd ypres). wasn't the bloddiest but but may well of been close to the worst conditons soldiers had to fight thru in that war? due to the rain and the bloody mud.
September 1st, 2004  
One thing that surprises me is that Gallipoli is listed, but no other Eastern Front battles are listed. Where's Tannenburg?
September 3rd, 2004  
silent driller
For the Marines, it was Bellau Wood. But it was also the greatest ass whoopin' ever administered to the Germans in WWI.