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October 19th, 2004  
RnderSafe is right.

it wasnt just a moive on a big screen to some.

like my family.

CWO Raymond Frank was my cousin.

He died during the excursion.

every man that preticipated in the military action on October 3, 1993 derserved the credit they got in the book, movie, etc. Eversmann, Gordon, Shugart, Durant, my cousin. they were brave men.

real men went out there and died. not josh harnett or orlando bloom.

real men.
November 13th, 2004  
or orlando bloom
who did HE play?

ive read the book, ive read the newspaper mini-series article...

i wonder if 'delta steve' (from the article) was portrayed by the 'Hoot' character? maybe it was sanderson?

Grimes character doesnt show up in either of the print items either...

very good movie and book tho, ive seen the movie close to (if not) a dozen times...

November 13th, 2004  
Originally Posted by ltdave
or orlando bloom
who did HE play?
Todd Blackburn

i wonder if 'delta steve' (from the article) was portrayed by the 'Hoot' character? maybe it was sanderson?
The character "Hoot," like several other's in the film was based on a compilation of real-life soldiers.

Grimes character doesnt show up in either of the print items either...
"Grimes" didn't exist, he was a made up character - but he was portraying John Stebbins.
November 28th, 2004  
Ranger Capt Steele:
Sarn (no one EVER prononced Sergeant in this movie!) what is this? Another tax-payer funded Delta Safari?
Delta Hoot:
Just some aerial target practice sir. Didnt want it to go to waste.
im talking about your piece. Now Delta or no Delta that's still a hot weapon. You know on base you should always have your safety on.
well this here's my safety sir (waggling right index finger)

Airborne coordinators to McKnight:
What's the matter Danny something you dont like?
What's not to like? Daylight raid, No armor, Skinnies all fukced up on Khat
Come on Danny, war's not perfect
To you, circling around at 500 feet wars imperfect, but down on the ground, it's unforgiving...

Damn i love this movie. just watched it 2 more times at Deer Camp...

December 8th, 2004  
Man that movie was so great. Great sayings in the movie too. Inspirational. Makes you admire those guys who went out on that day.

Oh yeah btw I've watched the movie tons of times but i never got who that guy was that was calling his wife at home but she just couldn't pick up in time.
January 3rd, 2005  
the guy making the phone call home was Randy Shugart...

February 22nd, 2005  
Anyone here who still can remember the conversation between Osmann Otto and General Garrison after the former offered the latter a Cuban cigars. I missed out on that part... At that moment, he was questioning why the US forces was present at Somalia... Any kind souls out there who will help me post the quotes here???

The quotes that I want happened slightly before the below-mentioned quotes...
You shouldn't have come here. This is a civil war. This is our war, not yours.
-Osmann Otto
General Garrison: 300,000 dead and counting. That's not a war Mr. Atto. That's genocide.
-General Garrison
Thanks For Your Attention To The Above....
May 1st, 2005  
*Mr. Atto offers Gen Garrison a cigar*
Gen. Garrison - No thanks, i got one..
Atto - But these are cuban
Gen. Garrison- *chuckles* So's this.
Atto - Heh heh heh... Miami my friend is not cuban.

This scene always ammused me. I love his accent too.
June 5th, 2005  
-I see not catching General Aidid is becoming something of a routine
-We were'nt trying to catch Aidid, we were trying to catch you
-But am I that important? Hmmm?
-Your just a businessman
-Trying to make a living
-Yeh, selling guns to Aidid's militia.

I think i've seen that film about 10 times through
June 22nd, 2005  
Here's one from General Adid

"You have the power to kill, but not negotiate..In Somalia..Killing is negotiation"