Better run Times

November 21st, 2005  

Topic: Better run Times

Hi all-
I took up the SEAL challenge and
started serious training 4 months ago.
I'm doing well with pushups ( 75 max sets ) , pullups ( 15 max sets )
curl-ups ( 90 in 2 min ) BUT
my run times are BAD : 1.5 mile in 15 mins!
I have to lower that to at least 14 min to pass my NAVY PFT at BASIC.
A SEAL must run 3 miles in 16 min to be competitive.
Min requirements are not favored , they want the toughest.
My problem when running is I get winded...
I cant get a lung of air.
It's like my body needs to breathe deeper but
I just cant expand my lungs any further....
I tried to push further a few times and had sharp pain in my
obliques and had to slow down. I do fine at the gym on the cardio machine...
but there I can pace myself and increase my speeds at intervals...allowing me to get my required time.
On the track it's like I go too fast and burn out or I just get behind.
My stopwatch doent help cuz it's not tracking my speed.
By the way , I'm 27 years old. I ship out on Jan 4th.
Any advice?
November 22nd, 2005  
There are watches out there that can set a pace for you. Get yourself to a running equipment specialty shop or online if youre out in the sticks. I had one back during AIT in 1988 and it helped. I was consistently running 2 miles in under 10 minutes. Two things that help, low weight. And LONG runs to build up your lactic acid tolerance and your lung and heart capacity. It will take about 3-6 months to trim your times. When running, run to cadence and belt it out, it really helps build your lung capacity.
November 22nd, 2005  
so to get into the USMC, u need a 14 minute 1.5 mile?
November 22nd, 2005  
USMC- 3 Miles in 28 Minutes.
November 23rd, 2005  
thats good to know, thanks