Best way to choose which branch?

January 20th, 2006  

Topic: Best way to choose which branch?

I want to join the Military but I dont know which branch I should go into.. help meee
January 20th, 2006  
No one here can make that decision for you.

Perhaps if you were a bit more detailed in your post, we could give you some insight. Certainly more than "I want to join." What country's military are you looking to join? Why do you want to join the military? What are you looking for? What type of job would you like to perform? Etc.

Go ahead and fill in your profile for us while you are at it. Thanks.
January 20th, 2006  
Duty Honor Country
You definately need to have a focus before you join the military. Mine was all about college money. That basically narrowed it down to the Army and Navy since they give out hoards of money for college. Since I did not want to be on a ship, I went with the Army. I wanted a job that was not a desk job, so I looked at combat arms. After some debate, I signed up as a forward observer. To make a long story short, 8 years later I am in ROTC and will get my commission in 2.5 years. Then its 15-17 years of military service before I retire.

So you need to ask your self what do you want from the military and then look at what each branch has to offer
January 20th, 2006  
Originally Posted by JulesLee
I want to join the Military but I dont know which branch I should go into.. help meee
it all depends on what you want from your military career!
January 21st, 2006  
Cold Steel
This is always one of the toughest decisions to make. Start by asking yourself why you want to join the military at all. Once you have that firmly in mind, the Branch of Service will be a slightly easier decison.

1) For pure adventure and excitement, the Marine Corp or the Army would be good choices.
2) If you want technical training for a future civilian career, the Air Force is hard to beat.
3) For travel the Navy. Sea sickeness is a bonus, if you are prone to it.