The best Gas Mask available to the world military - Page 5

August 1st, 2018  
I apologize for bump the old topic, but I have some interesting observations that I would like to share, maybe this will help someone in the future because once I was on the lookout for useful advice.
I would offer this advice. The type of protective mask and M.O.P.P. suit you need would depend on what type of agents you expect to encounter. If you are thinking that you need something to protect you from the really bad $hit. I would recommend at least an M17A2 with the hood as blood agents tend to eat the rubber on A1s and earlier. The charcoal lined overgarments with boots and gloves (M.O.P.P. 4 posture) will pretty much protect you from the nasties out there. When purchasing a military surplus suit, be sure the bag is unopened and airtight. If you cannot inspect the bag, you cannot be sure the suit has not been exposed to the air or been used. Whatever type of mask you get, be sure you practice putting it on in under 9 seconds, and that it has a hood to cover your head. Agents may also enter the body through the ears as well as the skin. You should also consider buying a second suit sealed, unsealed, doesn't matter, just to practice putting it on. If you think you may be subject to nerve or blood agents, good luck getting Atropene and Pralidoxime Chloride injectors or Amil Nitrite.
Another thing, take your mask with you to the range (or woods) to shoot with it on.
Take this advice for what it's worth, when TSHTF it will be a little late to practice.