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B-29 1 6.25%
Vulcan 3 18.75%
B-52 Stratofortress 7 43.75%
Victor 0 0%
Valiant 0 0%
B-2 Spirit 3 18.75%
B-1 Lancer (AKA "Bone&quot 2 12.50%
B-47 Stratojet 0 0%
B-36 Peacemaker 0 0%
Russian: Bison 0 0%
Russian: Blackjack 0 0%
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May 19th, 2005  
I vote for the b-36 peacemaker. the "flying cross" sent fear into those to saw it from above. That plane was larger and had a heavier payload than that of the b-52. its too bad it was slower and more expensive to operate and maintain. so it was retired but its still badass, looks cool i think.
i once had a model airplane of it, i loved staring at it and daydreaming battles with fighter aircraft. then i git into high school and threw it off my roof to see if it could fly, it didnt so i burned it. i regret that...... -

hey im new could you have guessed?