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Erich von Manstein 11 19.30%
Heinz Guderian 15 26.32%
Erwin Rommel 23 40.35%
Gerd von Rundstedt 3 5.26%
Walther Model 0 0%
Hasso von Manteuffel 0 0%
Frederick Paulus 1 1.75%
Fedor von Bock 1 1.75%
Paul Hausser 0 0%
Hermann Hoth 0 0%
Albert Kesselring 0 0%
General Tomoyuki Yamashita 1 1.75%
Lieutenant-General Masaharu Honma 1 1.75%
General Tadamichi Kuribayashi 1 1.75%
General Mitsuru Ushijima 0 0%
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September 1st, 2005  
Manstein for France and Sevastopol.. among other things....
September 5th, 2005  

He was the father of modern tank warefare. Amoungst his most brillent ideas was the tip-of-the-sword tactic. A tactic that involved putting forward the heavyest armoured units (such as the Tiger) at the very front line of every attack.
September 7th, 2005  
it was without doubt that erwin rommel was the best axis commander in WW2
Even when he was arrested for trying to kill hitler he was buried with the higest honors
September 7th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Peterminator
it was without doubt that erwin rommel was the best axis commander in WW2
Even when he was arrested for trying to kill hitler he was buried with the higest honors
Can you give your reasons as to why you choose Rommel? Nothing is 'without doubt'.
September 9th, 2005  
Originally Posted by ghost457
i voted for Rommel becuase of his brilliant campaign in Africa, and because i dont know much about the other commanders, but Guderian was the other one i considered
That pretty well sums up why Rommel is winning. The Western World has heard of him. They know how well he did against numerical odds, etc. The eye opener is realizing that every great German commander was comparatively no better off than Rommel in almost all cases. They all were virtually always outnumbered. Don't get me wrong, Rommel was a great commander. But his legacy also benefits by the fact that nobody knows very much at all about any of the other great German Commanders. He also had a lot more charisma and politician in him and being executed for trying to kill Hitler earns you points in most people's minds as well.
October 4th, 2005  
I voted for FM Rommel his exploits from WW1 to rising to command
7th Panzer Div to then command DAK in the desert against a numerically
superior british force with the forces he had available to him is just amazing how he was able to win a few rounds against them and kepped them guising what he was up to. But I also voted for the kind of man he was in private life.

October 10th, 2005  
I'm going with Erwin Rommels. I belive that Gen. Rommels was the best generals of Axis. And Rommels was one of Hitler's favorite generals.
September 9th, 2007  
I'll say Rommel because he beat Monty for many years with a smaller korce than Montys.Also because he basically invented the tatics for Tanks.That and hes one of my Heros because he thought Germany should surrender and stop killing the Jews and everyone else Hitler was trying to kill off.
September 9th, 2007  
Originally Posted by Josh678
I'll say Rommel.Also because he basically invented the tatics for Tanks.
It wasn't Rommel who invented the tactics for tanks. Within the German Army it was taught to him by Heinz Guderian, the architect of the German Panzerwaffe and Blitzkrieg.
September 9th, 2007  
Oddly enough I don't think I can recall a single instance of Rommel beating Montgomery (He certainly gave the 8th Army a run for its money prior to Montgomery though) I still stand by my Erich von Manstein vote although the more I read of commanders like Hoth and von Arnim the more I am impressed by them.

I am still convinced that Rommel's popularity is based more on myth and somewhat romanticised accounts of his anti-Hitler activities than reality though, while I believe he was an more than able commander I do not believe that the mythical status a lot of people elevate to him was warranted.