Been Toying with Windows Movie Maker

March 7th, 2005  

Topic: Been Toying with Windows Movie Maker

Recently, I started using the video ability of my digital camera.

I messed around with a couple of experimentals, which I put on my image albums.

Yesterday, I snagged up a license to use a piece of music on a more serious one for the business. The prototype - 6 minutes of it, is at:

It's in slot #2

Your computer will need to have DSL or better and hopefully it stream plays like it should - you wouldn't want to have to download. It buffers and plays for me in 15 seconds and I have DSL.

Feedback appreciated. If you like faster music, check the video down at near 11 spot. I won't distribute that one though - it's protected music. I'm going to leave it on the album as educational and stick to the fringe of "fair use" on those.

But I plan to reproduce and hand out the other, but a 12 minute version extended with a second 6 minute sound loop and extra Oregon photos.