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October 24th, 2006  
as a last resort weopen its pretty handy in a close combat situation where a pistol is uneffective.
i'd havbe to agree with missileer, as long as theres a chance of close combat there'll be bayonets
October 24th, 2006  
Bayonets will always be part of the battlefield
October 24th, 2006  
Venom PL
In the Polish Army soldiers are also trained to use bayonets atachet to their rifles.
You never know when this ability will come in handy.
October 24th, 2006  
We were taught how to use the bayonet at Benning. I must had said "KILL!!" 5 thousand times that day.....
October 24th, 2006  
yeah it can be handy. Its like "just in case" kind of thing
October 25th, 2006  
Well, bayonets are still active. My brother once told me, when he and the platoon has to fight during sandstorm in north-western Iraq, along border with Syria. So, he was using the bayonet cause you can't see your hands more than 15 inches. So, he did stabbed some insurgents during sandstorm, he told me.
October 25th, 2006  
a knife/bayonet never runs out of ammo, as long as you have a will to survive you can defend yourself against an enemy. the knife/bayonet will never go away.
October 25th, 2006  
That's right, MilidarUSMC but what if it broken?
October 25th, 2006  
If you must kill someone you can even do it with an pencil. In my lone fighter training it was shown to me how to do...

So long
October 25th, 2006  
From an article in The Sun (,,2-2004223179,00.html)

British soldiers killed 35 Iraqi attackers in the Army’s first bayonet charge since the Falklands War 22 years ago. The fearless Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders stormed rebel positions after being ambushed and pinned down. Despite being outnumbered five to one, they suffered only three minor wounds in the hand-to-hand fighting near the city of Amara. The battle erupted after Land Rovers carrying 20 Argylls came under attack on a highway.

After radioing for back-up, they fixed bayonets and charged at 100 rebels using tactics learned in drills.

When the fighting ended bodies lay all over the highway — and more were floating in a nearby river. Nine rebels were captured. An Army spokesman said: “This was an intense engagement.”

The last bayonet charge was by the Scots Guards and the Paras against Argentinian positions.

<big>Argylls fight hand to hand in Iraq</big>
(from an article at Scotland on Sunday (

SCOTTISH troops fixed bayonets and fought hand to hand with a Shi’ite militia in southern Iraq in one of their fiercest clashes since the war was declared more than a year ago, it was reported last night.

Soldiers from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders mounted what were described as "classic infantry assaults" on firing and mortar positions held by more than 100 fighters loyal to the outlawed cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, according to military sources.

At least 20 men from al-Sadr’s army were believed killed in more than three hours of fighting - the highest toll reported in any single incident involving British forces in the past 12 months.

Nine fighters were captured and three British soldiers injured, none seriously.

"It was very bloody and it was difficult to count all their dead," one source was quoted as saying. "There were bodies floating in the river."

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders were drawn into the fighting when soldiers in two Land-Rovers were ambushed on Friday afternoon about 15 miles east of the city of Amara. The soldiers escaped, only to be ambushed a second time by a larger group of militia, armed with machine-guns, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars.

Reinforcements were summoned from the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment at a base nearby. "There was some pretty fierce hand-to-hand fighting with bayonets fixed," the source added. "There were some classic assaults on mortar positions held by the al-Sadr forces."

Official spokesman Major Ian Clooney confirmed the Mehdi army "took a pretty heavy knocking", but refused to specify tactics. "This was certainly an intense engagement," he added.

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