The Bastards NEED to Die - Page 3

April 5th, 2007  
Simple and at times scary truth is this, if you are determined and ruthless you can infiltrate whatever region you decide to.
Be it terrorists infiltrating Iraq or the continental United States, it is NOT as hard as people imagine.
A line on a map will not stop a determined enemy.
IT still does not answer my original question, how does us fighting them in Iraq make us any safer. Just because there is a war in Iraq does not mean that that terrorist are binded by some kind of supernatural law to just go to Iraq, there is nothing stopping them from still coming here. Just because we there is a war in Iraq there still perfectly capable of coming to America and fighting us here. This argument in general is disturbing, using the military as type of a radical Muslim punching bag. Being in Iraq we are creating more hate and a bigger displaced population to recruit from. The closest thing to as a justification I've heard hear is the "they hate us anyway" so be it, some of them will hate us. Lets not provoke more into hating us by being in their countries. Is it possible to make your borders and country completely safe no of course not. However, 420 BILLION dollars would have helped. The troops on the border would have helped. That way we can focus on stopping as many of the people that hate us for the sake of hating us. We could build up the layered defenses of our NATION. The borders, the department of home land security, local authorities, citizens. Then you can say well were killing people in Iraq that don't agree with our political objectives.
April 5th, 2007  
A determined enemy will always find its way to the target. Cops will tell you the only thing civilised people have going for them is that 90% of all criminals are stupid. Same applies to international criminals aka terrorists. No Rabs, Iraq is the Hot Gates, (thermopylae) and it is there we make our stand so that our families and friends may be safe while we hold back the beast.
April 5th, 2007  
Today 4 more British soldiers have been killed in Basra RIP, at least these men made a choice to join up, what choice did these children have, none, it was made for them by whoever drove the vehicle and ran off did he not want to sit at the right/left hand of Mohammed, it seems not.

The religous factions that are fighting for power using such tactics and want to rule the country are no better than Saddam and nothing will ever come right for the ordinary people they were terrorised by Saddam they are still being terrorised just the face has changed.

What of the mother of these children will she grieve like a mum would normally or will she be "pleased" that they have come martyrs.


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