bad experiences in 85th Division

May 22nd, 2010  

Topic: bad experiences in 85th Division

I recently found out the 85th Div (TNG) at Ft. Sheridan was recently deactivated. THANK GOODNESS. The 1st brigade was, without a doubt, the worst military unit I ever served in during my career (which spanned more than 20 years).

The ASTs were so jealous of the commissioned officers that they took it on themselves to downgrade all security clearances (none was required because it was a training division.) It never dawned on those morons that officers might leave the unit and actually NEED those clearances.

The 1st brigade had active duty officers/NCOs assigned. Talk about the wrong stuff! We had one major who thought he was God's gift to the military. He was SOOOOO much better than us reservists. After all, he had actually served in a division. (Didn't matter that the section he worked with dealt with EAD, but I digress.) He used to come to work around 0830, leave for lunch/PT/martial arts classes at 1130 and show up around 1400. By 1530 he was out the door.

Many, many commissioned officers retired out of that unit. Most didn't so much as get an Army Commendation Medal for all of that service.

The U.S. Army is far, far better off now that the 85th division in general (and the 1st brigade in particular) are no longer around. Good riddance!!!

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