Australians react with sympathy for woman convicted of drug

May 28th, 2005  
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Topic: Australians react with sympathy for woman convicted of drug

Canadian Press - BALI, Indonesia (AP) - An Australian woman was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison Friday for smuggling four kilograms of marijuana onto Indonesia's Bali island, prompting her mother to shout "Liar!" at the judge and her country's prime minister to express sympathy.]Read more...[/url]
May 30th, 2005  
OMG I'am sick and tired of hearing about this
Everywhere, there is always someone talking about it, something about it on the news, the radio, in the papers, it is so annoying.

The thing that gets to me, are idiots saying how "Unjust" and how "Stupid" the Indonesian Judicail System is. Then they say that the government isn't doing enough, They are paying for the legal fee's and offered two QC's, what else more do they want.
Had this been the exact same situation, exact same Judge, Airport, Date, Customs Officers, except instaed of this Corby Women, it was some Local kid, or someone from Malaya, Singapore, PNG etc, nobody in Australia would give a toss. All this "She's an Australian, this can't happen to Australians" rubbish is really getting on my nerve.

The journalists here fail to emphasise the fact that her father is in fact a convicted drug dealer, IN OUR LEGAL SYSTEM, and brother has apparently made several trips in only a few years to Bali, ON BUISINESS, not bad for an Un-employed Gold Coast surfie huh?

Personally, I beleive, drug dealing should be a shootable offence in all countries, Dealers are as bad as terrorists, they destroy families, communities, a great deal of lives, to make a few quick dollars. The less of these people alive the better.

Now, that's my rambling done, I leave the floor open
May 30th, 2005  
A Can of Man
She was caught with drugs.
Just because she is a foreigner doesn't give her magical special rights. She is guilty.
May 30th, 2005  
When you go to a country you agree to their laws and she was caught breaking the law she has to deal with the concequences. It was her decision to leave the country knowing full well this could happen
May 30th, 2005  
I think everyone over the age of 10 yrs of age knows how tough Indonesian drug laws are. Wait until you get home to toke.
June 1st, 2005  
Even if she is innocent, it doesn't matter. She has been convicted by Indonesian law and was LUCKY not to get the death sentence... unlike the 9 Australians caught with Heroin in Bali. They'll be put to death.

It is true that there are lots of holes in the prosecutions case, a total lack of evidence (apart from it being in her bag), and no forensics.... but that doesn't matter now. Anyway, she'll get out in a couple of years, she'll write a book and say she's "stronger for the experience" and they'll make a TV mini series about her trial.
June 1st, 2005  
Why would someone go to there anyway?
June 1st, 2005  
this is just me up the wall
nothing anyone can do will change the fact that she was found guilty, nothing will bring her back home early.
she was convicted because she had drugs on her and could not prove beyone reasonable doubt that the drugs were not hers. end of story. no "oh but she didn't know about them, shes a beauty student, she wouldn't do that" it doesn't matter, they were there and theres nothign they can do about it. chanel 7 & 9 are acting so stupidly, they are attempting to act all patriotic and i cannot describe how frustrated i am with how everyone is acting like a complete and utter tool about this. yes its sad, yes i sympathise with her, but i wanna bash the through people who say "oh well im going to boycott going to bali, hahahah that will teach them to be corrupt, they will regret me not going there" as it
June 7th, 2005  
Well, innocent or guilty she's in stir for the long haul.
Personnally everyone in Australia knows the deal with going to Bali; watch your bags, don't accept strange parcels and don't get caught buying drugs let alone smuggle them.
As for the call to boycot, my family and I will be there for christmas.
Just got to get the missus to cling wrap me and the kids before getting on the plane!!!!!