Australian PM: Pulling troops out of Iraq now would be big defeat for US

October 25th, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: Australian PM: Pulling troops out of Iraq now would be big defeat for US

Media: The Associated Press
Byline: n/a
Date: 25 October 2006

CANBERRA, Australia_Withdrawing foreign troops from Iraq before domestic
forces can handle the country's security would represent a big defeat for
America and weaken the superpower's authority in the world, Australia's
leader said Wednesday.

Australia, which sent troops to join the U.S.-invasion on Iraq in 2003 and
has about 1,300 troops in and around the country, has been drawn into the
debate about whether Washington should shift its Iraq war policy, as
bloodshed and instability continue to rage.

Prime Minister John Howard said Wednesday the Iraq mission was not easy,
"but we have to ask ourselves is Australia's security enhanced by Western
defeat in Iraq."

"I ask people to contemplate the impact on the authority of the United
State, the impact on the West of a defeat in Iraq," Howard told television's
Nine Network.

"If people think that is going to strengthen the West, is going to
strengthen America and strengthen Australia, I think they have taken leave
of their senses."

Howard warned that recalling Australian troops while other coalition troops
were still in Iraq would do long-term damage to the longstanding defense
alliance between the United States and Australia.

"America will only leave Iraq when she is satisfied that the Iraqis can look
after the situation themselves, and that is our position," he said.
October 25th, 2006  
****in john howard!!! he is so far up bushes arse he's coming out of his ear!
the idiot should think about OUR country and OUR people before thinking of his american boyfriends

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