Australian Military Pics (New Pics Added 01DEC05, Page 3)

October 3rd, 2005  

Topic: Australian Military Pics (New Pics Added 01DEC05, Page 3)

5/7RAR Digger takes cover in As Samawah.

3RAR Paras on an admin move

Warrant Officer 2nd Class from B Coy, 9th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment, explains the capabilities of the F-88 Austeyr to soldiers from 2nd Platoon, 2nd Bn., 35th Infantry Rgt.

SASR Troopers in Afghanistan

SASR Rapelling from Blackhawk

Infantry sniper (old photo - the weapon is now redundant)

ARH Tiger. Australia's new attack helicopter.

4RAR Commando

4RAR Commandos in the process of clearing the al-Asad air base

SASR Long range patrol in Iraq.

Candidates undertaking SAS selection

TAG-East Commandos

SAS troopers patrol in Afghanistan by motorbike

Long range patrol in Iraq

Recon trooper from 2 Cavalry Regiment (note carbine F88)

Leopard from 1st Armoured Regiment (currently being replaced by Abrams)

Prime Minister John Howard speaks to troopers from 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Iraq.

Royal Australian Navy clearance diver in Iraq.

Anzac Class Frigate HMAS Warramunga

Armidale class patrol boat HMAS Armidale at the Darwin Naval Base.

Sword of honour winner at Royal Military College Duntroon

Digger from HQ 3 Brigade Recon Platoon gives covering fire during a withdrawal

Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle. Built to carry 10 fully equiped infantry soldiers. Gives protection from mines, mortar and small arms fire. Fully NBC protected.
October 3rd, 2005  
awesome pics Nick
October 3rd, 2005  
great set of pics
October 3rd, 2005  
Very interesting photographs - I hardly know anything about the Australian army, so time to go on research
October 3rd, 2005  
Awesome pictures. Even though the sniper one is old, that ones my favorite. 8)
October 3rd, 2005  
I like all of them. To be a real soldier, you've got to get dirty and play rough, Get a few bullet holes and dents in that equipment. That may not be the most popular war but it's showing the different Nations what their forces are capable of in battle.
October 3rd, 2005  
Boy oh boy, It would be so awesome to be dressed how that sniper is dressed. Ahh, I can't wait til I join the Marines. So like, I've heard that snipers just go out for like 3 days straight and hunt the enemy. After that, they go back to they're base. Is this true?
October 3rd, 2005  
except for the whole not really being that glamorous as im sure you imagine it being
i guess it depends what your area of operation is. a sniper in jungle will act very dif to one in urban location
October 3rd, 2005  
Great Pictures I really like the one of the SAS Troopers on patrol on motorbikes.
October 7th, 2005  
How warry does that Sword of Honour winner look aye lads?