Australian Army vehicles of the 1970s

March 14th, 2012  

Topic: Australian Army vehicles of the 1970s

Yeah I'm on a bit of a nostalgia kick here
This short film appears to have been made for the Australian Army to help slow the loss of experienced officers to civilian jobs after Australian forces withdrew from Vietnam and the Army went back to a peacetime footing.

Well known Aussie actor Bill Hunter (died 2011) stars as Major Tom Archer who is facing the dilemma of taking a lucrative civilian job or staying in the Army and being part of something bigger than his current posting.
It shows LandRovers, M113s, an M113 FSV but also (the part I found most interesting), M548 TLCs towing artillery.

The movie also has a bit of extra interest for me because the locations the action takes place in and also the units involved were based at, Army bases I either trained at or lived at (when my father was serving).

[ame=""]One Good Reason - YouTube[/ame]


Edit: I realized later, the M113 MRV is not a Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle at all but the M113 Fire Support Vehicle
March 18th, 2012  
Trundle Troop
Had to be North Head, but the party scene looked like Duntroon. Looks like some of those fellas had never heard of sleeves down in the bush either??

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