ATTN: Shooters.

January 31st, 2005  

Topic: ATTN: Shooters.

Im currently part of my squadrons "A" team for shooting, or, more well known as, the top shooting team.
I've only been shooting... half a year now. I dont like .22's, so i shoot air rifles. More precise, and i find, alot harder then .22's.

Its almost time for the qualifying competition in our region, to determine who goes to provincials or not.

Now, i am wondering something, for canadians mainly. What region are you from, and when are you qualifying competitions taking place?

April 16th, 2005  
Cadet 2nd Lt. Stinson
Ok, Im not Canadian, but I also shoot air rifles. Like you, i've only been shooting for half a year.
We just recently shot the First Marine Corps District Match which I was really excited about.
I took a gold medal in the standing position! 84 points out of 100.
Overall we took 2nd in the match. We lost by one point! URGH! I was so mad, but o-well, Ill get them next time.

Good luck with your shooting, I hope you do well!!
April 16th, 2005  
I looove .22s. More specifically, .223s . Our rifle team, with the exception of the XO and (shameless bragging) me, is kind of bad...most of them had never picked up a rifle before this year, and the M16 is a beast if you don't know what you're doing.
February 15th, 2006  
well at MMA, we have a 6-1 rifle team season, we lost against Quincy High school's precision team (with sporter equipment), the one with the olympic shooter on it by 2 points, I had placed first overall in every match until that one, my high in standing is 88/100, prone is 94/100, and 89/100 in kneeling. the season is wrapping up for MMA, we use marksmanship as a winter varsity sport.
February 16th, 2006  
I'm in ''varsity'' shooting team. We using a air rifle. I'm a top shooter in the team. I do likes .22 more than air rifle.
March 20th, 2006  
Rob Henderson
i hate all of you.seriously...we dont even have a shooting team...grr...grr..grr...But my dad does own a glock 34..thats pretty fun to shoot. i think im like 90% accurate..something like
March 20th, 2006  
We don't have a shooting team here at RMC (got replaced with Rugby...), but when I was still with the 154 RCAirCS, I was qualified as Marksman Level 3 (or Expert Marksman depending on which system you use), which is the 2nd highest qualification. This was on the Daisy .177 Air Rifle at 12 meters.

On my Initial Assessment Period last summer, I shot 23/25 at 100 meters with the C7 Assault Rifle.

I really hope that we bring back the Shooting teams here at RMC.
March 21st, 2006  
I dont shoot for my high schoo but i do shoot a smith and wesson .38 very regaruley at local matches.

I also shoot p-14s (para) and a benneli and a Ak-47 with a red dot site at three gun matches.
March 24th, 2006  
Our corps (#1596) placed 2nd in Ontario. Our competition was two weekends ago, and the provinicials are on 7-9 April.
March 24th, 2006  
What distance(s) are you all shooting from? (For the .22 and .223, not the air rifles)