January 5th, 2005  

Topic: ATTENTION! Read this NOW!

I've been browsing through some of the discussions in here now, and I can't say that I like what I see in several of them.

Normal forums rules does also apply in here!!

There is WAY too much flaming going on, "My group could beat yours any day" "your group s**k" etc...

If you plan to join the military with an attitude like that then I can guarantee you that you'll be up for a BIG surprise!!

No posts like that will be tolerated, and if I find anymore posts like that it will lead to an immediate ban for that member!

If you do think that a post in here (or other places in the forum) is out of line and violates the forum rules then please use the "report post" button located on top of every post (!), and one of the forum moderators (or me) will deal with it and the poster.
Do NOT reply to it and engage in flamewars, it wont lead anywhere good anyway. (other than a possible banning for you as well.. )

Friendly competition is of course allowed, but many of the posts I've browsed through now are WAY over the line!

It's ok to disagree, as long as you do it in a polite and respectful manner!

January 8th, 2005  
Ai-Ai Redleg!
April 22nd, 2005  
Sir yes Sir
April 22nd, 2005  
Originally Posted by USAFAUX2004
Ai-Ai Redleg!
What is this? I never posted this!
April 23rd, 2005  
rotc boy
yea you did
right after redlegs post on jan 8th
you should really get off the drugs (kidding)
October 10th, 2005  
Yes, sir.
October 10th, 2005  
Navy Boy
December 24th, 2005  
wow for a topic with a title of ATTENTION! Read this NOW! from our admin, it doesnt seem to have all that many views!
December 24th, 2005  
wow... this title was freaking scary! LoL

Redleg becomes the drill sgt?
December 24th, 2005  
Jay Jay
Sir Yes Sir Redleg