Artillerie Coloniale large suitcase/trunk

April 16th, 2012  

Topic: Artillerie Coloniale large suitcase/trunk

Yes you guessed it I am stuck again.

I have in my possession a rather large suitcase possibly trunk would think it would have been on a ship and carried uniforms or such like.

It looks like it reads 34 Rue de la Loire Angouleme

COM T (the t is higher than the COM and is underlined) ASSOU
de l'artillerie Coloniale

I can not seem to trace this nor discover even the date of the trunk/case. I would say it dates around 1900 which would tie in with the Artillerie Coloniale Marines.

Does anyone have access to records in Angouleme or maybe able to shed any light etc please.
May 3rd, 2012  

Topic: Huida Ouida

I found a link through google books this was possibly used during African slavery it does have the cross of Sahara decoration on the case. Re-occupation Ouida? ASSOU possibly not the name of the Officer but a regiment or am I being a little dense?
May 3rd, 2012  
In some cases ASSOU was short for Association, that being said it is also a West African name and the only unit I can find that "may" match the address is the 1st Marine Regiment.

Once again though without a picture to help put us on the right path it is hard to know what we are looking at.

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