Army Men RTS

May 6th, 2006  

Topic: Army Men RTS

Ok, I know its old, 2002, but this game rocks. The titles of the missions are even cool; The Thin Green Line, A Few Green Men, Courage Under Dishes...

Anyone wanna play online lemme know, I'm hooked... if you need a copy shoot me a PM and I'll email a zip of it to ya... but you better have a big box, right IG?
May 7th, 2006  
It would be nice if a real developer (3do is just terrorist cell anyway) could take the fun we had of playing our old plastic army men toys and turn it into a fun rts. With a little practice i could probably cook something up. Such a shame good ideas go to waste. Come on, tans versus greens would be awesome!
May 9th, 2006  
rotc boy
that was a good friggin game

maybe ill dig it up after i fix my comp
May 21st, 2006  
A few of you PM'd me and I have tried to upload the game but its too friggin big and keeps timing out so... go here...

download Ares and then do a software search for "army men rts" from there download it and we can go head to head up to eight at a time via our IP addresses.

Let the fun begin.