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July 15th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Ants are actually not bad at all.
I've had some variety that were quite sweet. I think the bigger the ant, the better it tastes.
The small tiny ones can make you a little dizzy.
Frogs, when eaten raw and alive, aren't the most pleasant thing in the world, and I wouldn't recommend it for any other reason than that if you can eat that, you can eat just about anything. In actual situations, skinning the frog is a good idea because the skin can bring about nausia.
Did a forced march while dizzy on frogs. Strange feeling that!
July 31st, 2009  
Proud Texan
check this page out it is a 3 page article on Marine Force Recon history, Training, and deployments, its really cool stuff it lists all the training you need to go through Enlisted, or officer, then go look up the training on google and you will know what you gotta do (such as SERE, etc.) i wanna go in as an officer wich means ALOT of training including Army Ranger School. But enlisted Training is different. You also will need to have 2+ years of experience and at least one deployment before you can go to BRC (Basic Reconissaince Course)

It's also got some great pictures, my Favorite is the one with a corpsman with an M4 smokin a Cigar haha.

Hopes this helps,
July 31st, 2009  
The article is out dated and does not reflect the current requirements for Force.

Christ it's iding Bobby Coates as 1st Forces CO, IT CAN'T IN ANYWAY BE CURRENT.
July 31st, 2009  
Originally Posted by KJ
Shut up and do what the MSG tells you to.

No I donīt want a "Roger" on this post.
No I donīt care what your "buddy" tells you.
No I donīt want your opinions..

Good to see you still have your fire, sir.
August 1st, 2009  
pick the army hell you might be lucky like be and be in a tank

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