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May 28th, 2006  
And also in this site you can find whatever you want about Armenian problem in four languages. Turkish, French, Deutsch, English...

There are Ottoman Archive files inside too...

If you really want to learn about Armenian Problem, please have a look at this site.
May 29th, 2006  
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We opened our archives but where are ur historians???
No answer to this...
Sorry Ortouch, but I answered that one three times...

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Lil ,my fathers grandfather was sent there at these times and he told us the masaccres of Armenians. If anyone attacks you what should you do? You should kill em. But we didnt do it. We sent them to Syria cuz they were our citizens and we need bullet at this times and its not logical for Turkey to use bullets against them. Cuz at these times we were fighting against British forces in west . If we wanted to make a genocide we could have done it years before. If we made a genocide why we waited to make it in the 1 st WW?
Ortouch, do you really think that this is a good argument that a genocide never occurred? that the Ottoman Empire was short of bullets???? C'mon, you have gotta be kidding me. Of all of the weapons that were then in use, the rifle has been the cheapest weapon that had (and has) ever been fielded. At that time, a bullet probably cost about 1 cent to make, and no country has ever run out of rifle ammunition. I really hope that you meant something different.
June 1st, 2006  
If ever there was an impartial source on the matter, here it is:
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Although generally agreed that events said to comprise the Armenian Genocide did occur, the Turkish government rejects that it was genocide, and claims that the deaths among the Armenians were not a result of a state-sponsored plan of mass extermination, but of inter-ethnic strife, disease and famine during the turmoil of World War I. However this postion is contrary to the evidence as reported by nearly every eyewitness observer from the time - even from German and Austrian allies of Turkey who reported back to their nations of indiscriminant massacres and deprivations against Armenians on a grand scale and no significant Armenian counter action to justify such of any kind. Likewise the overwhelming position of genocide scholars and of professional and public opinion is that a deliberate genocide was commited by the Ottoman Turks against the ethnic Armenian citizenry. The indisputable result of this genocide is the near complete abscence of the once vibrant and most ancient Anatolian Armenian population and civilization in their once native lands. Furthermore, the majority of genocide scholars and the world community as a whole views the ongoing Turkish denial of this genocide as absurd and shameful.

As the ever changing official Turkish government thesis denying the genocide is not supportable in past and current forms, most Armenian, Russian, Western, and an increasing number of Turkish scholars believe that the massacres were clearly and indisputably a case of genocide. For example, most Western sources point to the sheer scale of the death toll. The event is also said to be the second-most studied case of genocide, and often draws comparison with the Holocaust as nearly every method of minority victimization, killing and depravation to have occured during the Holocaust had a precedent in the Armenian Genocide. To date 21 countries, as discussed below, have officially described it as genocide.
Not only was the Armenian Holocaust a real honest to goodness HOLOCAUST and GENOCIDE, it directly helped along the Nazi German instigated Holocaust. Because the world was so willing to forgive and forget the slaughter of the Armenians, Hitler sincerely believed that his own actions acts of genocide would be overlooked or even praised. It is quite likely that what publicity the Armenian Holocaust does get is largely due to quote from Adolf Hitler stating that, "... who now remember the Armenians ..." whilst advocating the extermination of Poles and Jews.

OrTouch please read the article in full. Wikipedia is not a biased source. The history books of Turkey probably are. Its much the same as Japan's denial of its own warcrimes. Why must such nations continually deny things that can be proven with absolutely overwhelming evidence??? This does not mean I fault you for swallowing your own nation's propaganda. Much like Japan, most of the information accepted by the government Turkey is probably pretty reliable. Japan chooses to turn a blind eye and mind to the entirety of World War II. Turkey chooses to blind itself to the realities of the Armenian Holocaust.

When only one nation accepts a specified version of events and countless other nations and historical experts call that nation's version "a load of crap", you're probably dealing in propaganda!
June 5th, 2006  

Ok then.. Did you have a look at this site? There are original Ottoman Archive files and so on in it. And also this site is not only Turkish but also German, French and English..
June 8th, 2006  
You do realize that the official Ottoman Archive was kept under tight wraps for quite a number of years and is very much suspected of having been doctored to fit the "official" story, right?

But yeah, sure, I'll read it.
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Paris City Council has decided to construct a so-called “Armenian Genocide” monument. This decision had been made just two months before Paris Municipality Elections that will be harsh rivalry. With no doubt, this decision had been made as a nice gesture to the Armenian residents of Paris.

We invite the entire fellow Turks to protest against this decision and the decision-makers. Let’s start to work to hinder the construction of this monument of enmity and hatred.
By the way, why would Paris be errecting a monument to the Armenian Genocide if the Armenians are the only proponents/supporters of it? I hope that your fellow Turks in Paris and France can keep whatever protest they decide upon peaceful of course. There's been a lot of West vs Middle East tension these days, so I'm hoping that this invitation doesn't create a big ugly mess inadvertantly.