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May 27th, 2011  
It's not just that Strauss, it's also the fact that most of the politicians who vote in favour of sending troops to int.ops. haven't got the slightest clue about what they are sending their troops into.
Some seem to think that their troops will serve as a kind of traffic-police, and then they get furious when they discover that the troops are out on combat patrols, and actually use the weapons they're issued...end even kill enemies...

And then, instead of supporting their soldiers, they start to critisize them for doing their job...

Another thing, as these missions keep dragging out in time, the supply of fresh troops start to dry up, and they have to send soldiers who may not be well prepared for the task.
May 27th, 2011  
I think the debate in Denmark has been characterized by an enormous naivety.

One is inclined to assess the soldiers actions from the context in which you find yourself, and it is highly misguided. One has to understand the soldiers conduct in light of the context they are in. The soldiers are sent to Afghanistan to defeat Taliban. But itís our politicians fault. They speak of our commitment, our presence, our contribution, and our efforts. Why donít they just say it' straight out that we are at war? They try to present the war as a major reconstruction project. And the military is subject to a political system. They follow the line the politicians sets. And the result is that the Danes have a very sterile image of the war. We have not seen much blood before now. The ugly consequences of war have been removed from TV. The logic seems to be that we can kill, but it must not be too ugly.

But donít misunderstand me now. I have chosen to be a soldier and go to Afghanistan. I do the job the Danish parliament wants me to do. But the Danish citizen has a right to know how we are doing it. It's not exactly flowers coming out of my rifle barrel.
September 6th, 2011  
Wow! great documentary.
Same reality as British soldiers are experiencing.

Thanks for sharing.
September 7th, 2011  
While Armadillo might have been a reasonably accurate depiction of the harsh realities the ISAF force face in The Stan without revealing TTP,s and SOP,s I still would prefer that no cameras whatsoever were ever allowed into the combatzones.
There is no need to know what is going on, the why,s the where,s the what,s and the who,s.

Infact this type of movie can only damage the morale and will to fight for the troops.
Just like in this case when an investigation were launched into the killings of the Taleban fighters.
They opened fire, they chose the week position.
That is a tactical bingo.
But since there were cameras there these soldiers were investigated?
Those soldiers will probably think twice before closing with and destroying the enemy the next time.
Indecision in battle will get men killed.

That is b******t frankly.

My 02 on the subject.

KJ sends..
September 7th, 2011  
I totally agree with you KJ.
I judge it of course from my own experience and as such I thought it was interesting.

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