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July 7th, 2007  

Topic: Israel vs Syria

It's not 1973 anymore and I think Syria couldn't even start up all there tanks without the Israeli's knowing about it. Air power generally rules most battles at one time or another and the Israeli air is just too strong. Plus I think Israel would use a chance like this to hit many other different type targets in Syria that need TO GET bombed for a long time. And sucking in any outside fighters trying to help Syria would be a plus for Israel or the US. To this day I still don't know what keeps the US from taking out terror training camps or the Syrian units passing weapons over the border. I think they a huge part of all the mess over there for a long, long time, just my two cents.
December 6th, 2007  
Pale Rider
Originally Posted by rock45
Is there enough known about the latest Chinese heavy tanks to know if there any good? I was at the SinoDefence web site looking around and saw tanks, artillery, etc all being produced by China now. I'm interested in land warfare and just wanted to know is there equipped good? Is any of China's more modern equipment and weapons produced in the last five to eight years battle proven? I did a few quick searches and didn't find anything big. Some weapons were sold in Africa but I'm not finding any large tank sales. According to there web site they produce everything under the sun and more.

India bought Russian T-90 main battle tanks and wanted know are they good performers?

Are Russian tanks still a little weak on crew safety

One should look at Pakistans order of battle when it comes to armored units, the majority of their tanks are from China, Iran also uses some older models with the likes of Type 59 and 69. Pakistans new MBT Al Khalid also has a Chinese background with a little twist of Ukrainian and French.

Yes India has purchased T-90S tanks with Algeria becoming the next customer. They are a major improvement over the T-72 series that includes a welded turret design that they copied from the Ukrainian T-84. This new turret design should offer better protection levels over the traditional cast turret design, new FCS will include the French Sagem 15 sighting system that the French have sold to Russia to build under license.
A major design flaw though that the Russians are having a bugger of a time resolving is the automatic loading system that causes two issues.

1. Prone to fire even though they state that they fixed that issue with a spall/fire liner that seperates the crew and ammunition. I find this doubtful
2. Rod length for their KE projectiles, they have basically run out of room.

And I almost forgot, but one should take a look at the Chinese Type 98/99 series tanks.

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