Anybody have any Info on 18X

March 1st, 2005  

Topic: Anybody have any Info on 18X

Well i just joined in november and i had been wanting to join Army
Special Forces ever since i was a little kid. I did a bunch of research and signed up for the Special Forces Enlistment Option. I do know a lot about the training and i have talked to SF guys but i never have been able to talk to anybody who went through the 18X route. So if anybody could give me some tips, advice or pointers i would be very grateful.
March 2nd, 2005  
Lot's of info on 18x in here, you'll just need to use the search first..

Search the forum for "18x" and you should find many posts about the subject..
March 2nd, 2005  
To my knowledge, we do not have a current member of this site that has completed the 18X pipeline. However, if you have spoken with current serving SF members, you have most likely been given all of the advice you will need.

As a warning, and while I do not believe this to have been your intention, be careful of how you ask for "tips and pointers," attempting to G2 any of the courses/training is a no-go and a violation of the honour code and can ruin your potential SF career before it begins.

Good luck, and don't quit.