Any idea what is this? Ww2 navy maybe??

September 1st, 2016  

Topic: Any idea what is this? Ww2 navy maybe??

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November 8th, 2016  
A standard run of the mill US Navy officer's cap device circa 1941 to the present day. Prior to 1941 the eagle was looking the other way. While certainly yours is a discolored piece, whether or not it is from WW2 would require some provenance.

I have several of them, one from when my father was a Lieutenant (jg), a rank he achieved in the summer of 1941, another on a cap he had as a Lieutenant Commander in 1945, one on a cap he wore as a Commander and a Captain circa 1945 to 1965, one on one of the caps he wore as a Rear Admiral circa 1965-1971 a couple of loose ones lying about. All of them look exactly the same, though they are well cared for and not discolored as your example.

I would not depend on the condition of your example to make some declaration as to its age or especially as being from the war years . . . it's not all that difficult to take a nice new one and make it look like that. In fact the the condition of your example, in my mind at least, would make me a bit suspect as to any claims, but that's just my opinion.

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