August 4th, 2005  


I am looking into joining the military in about a year, or perhaps two. I was wondering, is there any advice, or anything I should know about joining before I actually decide?? Please send your responses to armychica0809
thank you

By the way, the branch of service I am looking into is the Army Reserves.
August 5th, 2005  
Charge 7
Well there's so much advice that could be given we'd have pages and pages of it. In the end, however, you'll serve yourself better by doing the research yourself. Self-starters are always what the military is looking for. Use your own initiative to find out as much as you can and then when you have specific questions we'll be happy to do our best for you.
August 5th, 2005  
The Major speaks wisely. One thing I will mention, since you plan on being a reservist: don't kid yourself and think you'll never get deployed. There are people who sign up for the extra income and benefits, but never thought they'd get deployed and then ***** and moan about it.

Good luck!
August 12th, 2005  

Topic: Questions

Yea, same as the other guys, you need to realize that the concept of a Reserve is moot now. You will be joining an activated reserve component almost as soon as you graduate and then they will more than likely have deployment orders for you. I am active duty and at Fort Hood in May and June we out processed 3,500 soldiers alone who were fed up with the Army. So my guess is in a year we are going to be so hurting for active soldiers and reserve that you could almost name your options for where you went and what you did, plus expect a huge bonus. And also expect that you will be on a plane for Kuwait ASAP