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May 23rd, 2004  

Topic: Another True funny

Ft Benning Ga Turrentine tank gunnery range 1982 ROTC support

I was on a m88 tank retreiver when we got a call to go down range and recover a tank that had a slight malfunction..

Well when i got to the tank i noticed that the barrell was missing from the bore evacuator to the muzzle... humm what happend...

well the driver went into a ditch and the tc "forgot" to elevate the gun and the result was a muzzle full of georgia wet clay...

Well the idiot seen a target and BOOM off goes the barrell ..

we hooked up the tank and said a few ..quite a few words of endearment to the rotsys ....

FAST FORWARD to FT Riley tank gunnery table 8 in 1991

Sittin atound shootin the bull with the co,xo and 1st sgt of 2/34 ar during a maint down time we where swappin stories about silly stuff that has happend with tankers gettin stuck and needin a M88 to pull them out and i went to relate the story above... the co,s face became pale and he went into shock when i said the dumb fu@k tc of the tank busted a round down range and blew out the barrell....well you should have seen the look i got from the co... come to find out it was him who pulled the trigger and i ended up bustin on years ago when he was a rotc canidate....

Needless to say the old man was hot and when the xo and 1st sgt started laughin and crackin jokes...he looked at me and said ...IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR RANK AS SGT YOU WILL SHUT THE HELL UP !!!!!
May 23rd, 2004  

Now that's a hell of a coincidence.

Sometimes I don't think they should give us Cadidiots ammo, one of my buddies did some training last year with the West Point kids, they had a live fire exercise and his PL shoots one of her SAW gunners while she was kneeling behind him shooting over his head (round ricocheted off a rock about a meter ahead of the SAW and went into the guy's arm).
May 23rd, 2004  
Were nice!

Good to see that we get some stories from others than Mr. Conley..
(not that your stories are bad Mark.. )
May 23rd, 2004  
Mark Conley
yes heres another person that can tell a story! Aint it funny how real life is stranger than fiction?

May 24th, 2004  
good story
Originally Posted by Mark Conley
Aint it funny how real life is stranger than fiction?
its the irony of life
February 10th, 2007  
Hehehehehehehehe, a perfect ending.
February 10th, 2007  
Team Infidel
yeah it is a good ending
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