The Annika Sorenstam Ordeal

The Annika Sorenstam Ordeal
May 24th, 2003  

Topic: The Annika Sorenstam Ordeal

The Annika Sorenstam Ordeal
If you live in America, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, and have any remote interest in the sport of Golf, you probably had an opinion on Annika Sorenstam playing in the Colonial. Just the other day, Annika missed the cut, which I must say, Im pretty happy for. I was one who did not believe she deserved to play in the men's tournament, largely because the whole issue of sexism surrounding it was taken way out of proportion. Im one of those people who looks at something like sexism, and can identify that it only benefits one sex, in this and always seeming to be the woman's. I mean, if equality is the issue, why don't the lesser men golfers play with the women? Anyway, sound off, what did you think of her performance, and did she deserve to play?
June 3rd, 2003  
Back again....

I was actually in Sweden when Sorenstam played, and I must say that I'm impressed that se dared to challenge the men...

But as you said:
, largely because the whole issue of sexism surrounding it was taken way out of proportion.
There was not many newspapers, or internet sports or news sites that didn't have Sorenstam on the frontpage that day. Not because she's a great golfer, but because she is a woman..
Of course this is a historic event, since she was the first female player to compete in a PGA Tour event since Babe Zaharias took part in the 1945 Los Angeles Open.
But I think that media brought this completelly out of proportions, and totally overrun the other (and better!?) male golfers...
Would a male golfer be allowed to play in the LPGA tour??

"I'm living a dream that I want to live and I'm doing what I want to do."
These where Sorenstam's words after she missed the cut.
I think that Sorenstam deserved to play as she is the world's best woman golfer, and a winner of 43 events (4 majors).
But I think she did prove (being the best woman in the world), by missing the cut, that women can't compete with the men (yet...).

But what a PR "stunt" this was for Sorenstam, Sweden and not at least for the sport of Golf this was....
June 3rd, 2003  
Hey, I agree, but the thing that bothers me the most is, in all perspective; are the changes that could take place because of this. In other words, is the institution of feminism going to push for some major "revolution" in the PGA, and if so, will this lower the bar on completeness for the rest of the golfers. Im fine with women playing this sport, but the last thing I want is for Martha Burk to use this as a political tool.

BTW Redlag, is there a lot of opportunity to play gold around Europe? Ill be in the continent three weeks this summer, and have to decide if Im gonna try to lug my clubs through security or not.
The Annika Sorenstam Ordeal
October 6th, 2003  
I think it was a good thing about Anikka Sörenstam going to challenge the guys..

Please, I mean.. What are these guys afraid of? Some competition?

God, Halarious.. Seriously..

I pray with everything I have to make Annika go against the guys and beat their ass good..


It's time for the women to stand up for once..

Women can have balls too you know..


- From a proud girl playing Golf