Anger in Scandinavia as Europe Mourns Tsunami Dead (Reuters

December 30th, 2004  
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Topic: Anger in Scandinavia as Europe Mourns Tsunami Dead (Reuters

Reuters - Scandinavians fumed at their
governments' initial lax response to Asia's tsunami disaster as
hopes dimmed on Thursday for some 5,000 foreign tourists,
mostly Europeans, still missing four days after the wall of
water hit.]Read more...[/url]
December 30th, 2004  

Some 1,000 Germans, 600 Italians, 464 Norwegians, 219 Danes, 200 Finns and 200 Czechs have been reported as missing, along with 294 Singaporean tourists.

More than a thousand others, including 930 Norwegians, are still unaccounted for.

The Swedish government has conceded it took too long to react, but no one at the time understood the scale of the disaster.

I think In the begning everybody underestimated the scale of th Disaster...........and were slow to respond .

Hope the missing will be all right and will be found soon