American racism

American racism
May 1st, 2004  

Topic: American racism

American racism
ho will they tell us to hate next? When I was young it was the Russians. Now they tell us to hate Arabs. Hollywood teaches us to hate Southern, white guys. The media taught us to hate the Iranians and the Iranians made it easy to do. The oil companies (with the help of Amnesty International) told us to hate the Iraqis. Christ commands us to love, but our government and our media tell us to hate - and they tell us who to hate.

Once we hated the whites of South Africa. Then communists took over and gave South Africa’s wealth to the DeBeers and the Rothschilds. This freed the blacks from Apartheid at home but enslaved them to foreign capitalists. Now they are being good gentiles. So we don’t hate South African whites anymore.

We loved Yugoslavia under communism, but those freedom-loving people preferred the nations that God gave them to the one the United Nations created for them. Now the media tells us to hate the Croats and especially the Serbs.

They tell us we should arm Muslims in Europe but disarm Palestinians on the West Bank (Israelis don’t want to face return fire as they murder them). But we don’t care anyway - because our media has taught us that Palestinians are dirty, illiterate, terrorists - so we are free to hate them.

We almost had to hate the Swiss but at the last minute they surrendered their gold to the Bnai-Brith Internationale. That hate-fest will come back soon because it’s not about “Nazi gold.” World Jewry is launching a campaign to hate those nations that stayed neutral in World War II.

And always and forever we must hate the Germans. Holocaust museums grow like weeds on the American landscape. These are places where public schools take Christian children to teach them to hate their fathers and their brothers and ultimately, the sickest hatred of all, to hate themselves.

Once again the left has been right - hate is as American as apple pie. Hate is a powerful tool our government uses well. Look how effective race-hate has been in destroying communites and making us dependent upon the government. Communities based on shared values and ancestry no longer exist in America, i.e. communities no longer exist in America. That was the point of forced busing, affirmative action, anti-Christian law, anti-Christian Hollywood propaganda, open borders, newspapers written by shrieking anti-Christian bigots, etc. The American people are nave. We are too easily taught to hate our brothers. Then they teach us to hate those of us who refuse to hate.

I know The Jubilee has some African-American readers. I want you to know something. You are even more the victims of American government racism than whites. Planned Parenthood is an organization near-and-dear to the heart of the liberal American ruling class which pretends to be on your side. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger. Ms. Sanger campaigned to eliminate what she called “human weeds” through birth control among those she called “colored.” This is what Margaret Sanger wrote, “...Hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities…the most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to eliminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Planned Parenthood and Bill Clinton are big supporters of each other.

Then there’s the National Education Association (NEA). I remember seeing an NEA rally for Clinton/Gore on C-SPAN - thousands of shrieking, chanting, dancing white people. (I haven’t seen a whiter group since the Quakers, Jews, and Unitarians held an interfaith “Rally against racism” in my town.) These people have an iron grip on hundreds of thousands of upper middle-class teaching jobs. They own the public schools in black neighborhoods, take lots of money from local property taxpayers, and return every night to the comfort of their suburban homes. They are upper-middle class white carpetbaggers taking jobs that should belong to the African-American community.

Does anyone outside the mainstream media doubt that the civil rights movement has been hijacked by white feminists. This isn’t just a recent phenomena. Here is what Susan B. Anthony, an early feminist, said in a letter to Frederick Douglass in 1869, “The old antislavery school says that women must stand back, that they must wait until male Negroes are voters. But we say, if you will not give the whole loaf of justice to an entire people, give it to the most intelligent first. If intelligence, justice, and morality are to be placed in the government, then let the question of woman be brought up first and that of the Negro last.”

African-Americans should realize that the pantheon of liberal groups patronizing their community always ends up building a bureaucracy of white elitists by destroying the God-given social structure of the African family and African society. You are sacrificing your children to Moloch in return for welfare, while white liberals build their Tower of Babel in Washington, D.C.

There was a time in America when a man without a college degree but with a good Protestant work ethic could make a decent wage, buy a small home in a clean neighborhood, and raise a family. But $15 per hour jobs are disappearing fast. Global business (using liberal government, liberal media, and liberal labor unions) have promoted third-world immigration so they can hire three workers at $5 per hour. The legitimate complaints of American working people (white and black) who don’t like it are now called “racist” by self-styled liberals defending the global business elite.

Gun control is another of the causes the media and government trumpet, but not because they care about crime in the street. Crime in the street serves their interest. It justifies even more federal police. That’s why they don’t round up guns in the inner city. They don’t care how many black children die on street corners. They round up guns in the hands of rural and suburban white men because those guns are a threat to them. Gun control is about the government protecting itself from us - not protecting us from criminals.

In the war against the American citizenry “big brother” uses race and racism to promote his cause. When they want to steal our labor, they preach about color-blindness and one-world. When they want to destroy our home towns, they call us “racists” and send in their jack-booted thugs.

The American government is a racist government. It foments racial hate to expand its power and serve the wealthy. At the same time it uses racism to cloak itself in moral self-righteousness. Big brother’s cry of “racist” is the kiss of Judas to America’s middle-class heartland. And thus with a kiss the American empire condemns the American people while masking it’s own evil, racist agenda.
May 1st, 2004  
This coming from the guy who uses David Duke (current leader of the KKK) as a source for his information.


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