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September 25th, 2004  
Alright, I won't argue with yall, but I will admit that I don't carry a book bag. My reason being, I slept with a heating pad every night from back pains for a good 2 - 3 months last year. Finally I decided I wouldn't do that to my body and quit carrying it.

I'm not admitting to getting the most Physical Activity in the world, but I do get quite a bit.

I would rather be outta breath from a crowd pleasing, music feeling marching band show then to be outta breath from something only I benefit from. :-p
September 25th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Doody
No one really does anything outside other than sports now a days.
You know, that is so true. I never see kids riding thier bikes, or playing pick-up football or anything like that outside anymore.

Alot of people believe that our youth is over-stimulated. Simple activities are no longer enjoyable or of interest. How sad is that?
September 25th, 2004  
I agree with Doody, kids nowadays are lazy and fat. I have friends that DRIVE the 3 blocks to McDonalds every lunch time. I'm proud to say I haven't more than 2 or 3 fast food burgers in about 4 months. Kids need more work, they b&m about the little work they do have, a lot of them need a swift kick in the pants because the real world makes you do a helluva lot more work and has a lot more responsibilities than high school.

If you wear a backpack properly, it will not hurt you. I carry mine full of books (useless btw, the best teacher I have doesn't use any text books), notebooks, track stuff, ect. every day. Sure my pecs might be a little sore, and walking up stairs is a little more work, but my back is fine and I'm a skinny guy. I even carry books for my lady friends.

I walk to and from school a lot, and its nothing compared to cross country and track workouts. Lazy people that are fat really sicken me. Its terrible to ruin your body and not even try to do a thing about it.

I'm really proud of the way I take care of my body, through proper diet and exercise. I truly believe it is the best form of self-esteem and validation. All the fat lazy loner kids that everyone feels sorry for? Let him go do a sport, he'll feel immensely better about himself once physical change sets it, and that translates to self-esteem, more friends, and happiness.

My 2 cents.