Allied Quotes From Iraqi Freedom

December 21st, 2003  

Topic: Allied Quotes From Iraqi Freedom

I guess these would go under the War with Iraq section God Bless the leaders and people of these nations for helping bring the end of Saddam, and If you find anymore quotes please place 'em here!

"Albania has lined up alongside the U.S. in the global challenge of our times,the fight against terrorism and the dictatorial regimes nourishing it - as a partner willing to carry out its duties among the large family of civilized nations."
-Albanian Minister of Defense, Pandeli Majko

"You're heroes. Children in our schools will learn about your heroism.
You have come through missions that were complex and demanding,
missions for which you have risked your own health and lives."
-Czech Republic Minister of Defence Jaroslav Tvrdik

"It is our moral duty to intervene today, straight away, to help the Iraqi people in their difficulty.Iraq has to be given back to the Iraqi people."
-Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini

"I can take pride in our soldiers, who equal their western allies in courage, preparedness and patriotism."
-President Rolandas Paksas of the Republic of Lithuania

"In the wake of winning the war, Poland wants to help win peace with Iraq.
I believe that the international community cannot leave Iraq without support."
-Polish President Aleksander Kwaśniewsk.

"Today we confront the future with optimism from a founded hope for the Iraqi people - in freedom,"
-Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar
December 21st, 2003  
Great ones!
I think thay may fit in the war on Iraq section..