Ak Fan

December 21st, 2007  
AK Fan

Topic: Ak Fan

Glad to join the Forums. Interested in modern and historic small arms. A free-lance journalist with good record of publications in leading Russian small arms magazines. Look at these forums as good sources of information and means of communication of people with common interests. With best regards to everybody...
December 21st, 2007  
Team Infidel
December 21st, 2007  
Welcome. You'll probably find a lot of AK fans here.
December 21st, 2007  
The Other Guy
December 22nd, 2007  
welcome. Gotta say that I like the AK. I got one recently for my birthday. I love that weapon.
December 22nd, 2007  
Welcome to the forums.
December 22nd, 2007  
Welcome aboard.
December 26th, 2007  

Topic: Welcome!

Welcome aboard, AK Fan.

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