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June 25th, 2008  
A Can of Man
I'm sure he was at the job center within weeks!
June 26th, 2008  
Nay, he'd have to mess up far worse than that to get sacked, besides he created a lot of paper for the high ranking clerks in the system so he was probably deemed valuable for that as well.

He was a nice chap actually, allthough suffering from a nearly total lack of humor, and poorly developed social antennas.
He never gave us reason to complaint, he never made life miserable for us, in fact he made our day on more than that occation.

He was just the type of officer who's born and raised with the sole intention of sitting behind a desk somewhere and never be around actual people.
June 26th, 2008  
A Can of Man
We need those kinds of officers too but they have their own place. Unfortunately they find their way to combat units now and then.
June 29th, 2008  
Heheheh, thanks!

Originally Posted by AikiRooster
Commander, this one's for you:

December 30th, 2008  
A platoon did their Infantry course at my battalion, half was staying with us and the other half was going to another battalion. The other Battalions CO was there as well where my RSM was happy to point out that is lanyard was on the wrong side, his RSM took him out back and fixed it.
January 1st, 2009  
one very foolish armor private saluted a police captain, mistaking his ranks for army colonel
June 11th, 2012  
Generals are cool

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