additional information about leopard 2..

December 6th, 2009  

Topic: additional information about leopard 2..

hello, iam new in the forum and want to say hello to all.
sorry about my english level. i hope everybody can understand me.

i read many discussion about comparisons between leopard and other modern tanks. espacialy between leclerc and leopard 2. most people say the leclerc iss faster than the leopard. but i know that the leopard is derating to 1500hp in peacetime to spare the hardware. the engine has 2200hp in real combat. i talked to a leopard crew who tuned(for fun) the engine and tey say its no problem to drive faster than 100km/h.

additional: the new leopard 6 pso use a new engine with 1800hp in peacetime. the engine has 5500nm (5000nm the old one) and reduce the consumption about 10% and is 1meter(!) smaller and leighter than the old one. the place can be use for additional hardware like fuel tanks etc.

ok, thats my first topic here and i hope i can tell you news about leopard.

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